Zoltan Chevrolet


And the whole world seems crazy
So I just wanna drive
And travel thru the night
And get to feel alive
I need someone to hold me
I'm tired of being alone
What am I gonna find
A hundred miles from home

chorus and key change

And my car is my friend
Never lets me down
And when I'm feeling bad
My car's always around

And I get into my car
And I drive thru the night
My car is my friend
Always treats m right
And when the world goes wrong
And people all fail me
I get into my car
And drive until I'm free

chorus etc


I walk the streets
I stalk the town
No one knows
When I'm around
I do no harm
It does me good
I never shed
A drop of blood

chorus and key change

Everyones looking
They don't see the danger
I know the girls
Who'll love a stranger

I know the look
In her eye
I know the way
She don't try
And I need her
Like she needs me
And our loving
Sets us both free

chorus etc

I don't have bonds
I don't have ties
But I've got
A strangers eyes
Girls just you
Look at me
Take my love
And set us free


Young lions on the beat
Beating up and down the street
Young lions go for gold
Do it now before you're old
Young lions
Oh Young lions

Young lions on the town
Prowling up and prowling down
Young lions drink your blood
A taste of life does them good
Young lions
Oh young lions

Young lions listen to me
This is how it should be
Young lions growing strong
Learn to right your fathers wrongs
Young lions
Oh young lions


So one night I said to Kathy
We gotta get away somehow
Go somewhere south and somewhere warm
But for God's sake let's go now
And Kathy she sort of looks at me
And asks where I want to go
And I look back and hear me say
I don't care but we gotta go

chorus and key change

And all the other people
Who sleepwalk thru their days
Just sort of faded out of sight
When we two went away
And ev'ry day we travelled
We were looking to get wise
We learned about what matters
And we learned to see the lies

So in LA we bought a bus
Sort of old and not too smart
For six hundred and fifty bucks
And we go out and made a start
We hit the road down to the south
And drove down into Mexico
That old bus was some old wreck
But it kept us on the road

chorus etc

And now we've stopped our travels
And we sold the bus in Texas
And we made our home in Austin
And for sure it ain't a palace
So Kathy and me we settled down
And now our first kids on the way
Kathy and me and that old bus
We did real good to get away

WHAT WE WANT {Song of kids}

We all know what you don't know
We all go where you can't go
We all see what you cant see
Can't you see we wanna be free

We wanna go out every night
We wanna see all the sights
We all wanna be happy too
We don't wanna be like you

We all see what you can't see
We all see what we wanna be
We all see you gettin fat
We don't wanna be like that

We don't wanna go to school
We don't wanna learn from fools
We don't wanna work til death
Why are you all so deaf ?