Kerim Jones


You always ask
What it'll be like
You always ask
Will it be alright
You always ask
What's in it for me
Well my friend just
Suck it and see

chorus and key change

Suck it and see
Suck it and see
All I say is
Suck it and see

Don't you know
How I love you
Don't you know
How I need you
Don't you know
You're for me
All I say is
Suck it and see

chorus etc

I've always known
That I love you
I've always known
None better than you
I've always known
That you're for me
All I say is
Is suck it and see


Only one thing
Will change this world
Change for ev'ry
Boy and girl
Yes ,revolution

Only one way
To change the top
Change evey
Thing that we got
Yes , revolution

Only one life
For us to lead
We won't put up
With theft and greed
Yes, revolution

Only one push
Is all it takes
For us all
To lose the fakes
Yes, revolution

And you my friend
You look at me
Ask me how
You can break free
Yes, revolution


I have been this way before
Always pushing at the closing door
Taking less but wanting more
I've forgotten what loves for.

chorus and key change

Won't you help me
Won't you help me please
I need you now
And I'm on my knees

I have tried but I lost my way
I've forgotten just how to play
Help me now ,help me today
Hold me now and make me stay

chorus etc

You're so cool to my hand
Guide me to the promised land
Times slipping away like grains of sand
I need you to make my stand
I need you to make my stand


Back to basics
Back to school
Back to thinking
I'm a fool
Back to looking
Back to the hunt
'Cos you turned me
Back to front

In and out
Out and in
No surprise
I'm so thin
Chase you here
Chase you there
But you don't
Seem to care

See me here
I want you
But I don't
Know what to do
Need to look
Need to find
'Cos I need
Some piece of mind

See you girl
Look at me
See me waiting
Why won't you
Come with me
Why can't you
See the real me


starts with chorus

Give me some of that
Scumble rumble
Like they do it
In the jungle
See the walls
Start to crumble

Night is hot
Stars are bright
Like it or not
You're with me tonight
Start to slip
Gonna slide
Kiss my lips
Enjoy the ride


Don't hold back
Come with me
I know for a fact
Y' wanna be free
Hold me tight
Lose your clothes
'Cos tonight
Anything goes



Not a long
Time ago
People come
People go
Hurry home
Hurry out
Never see
What it's all about

chorus and key change

Give me peace
Give me time
Let me rest
I'll be fine

Leave me here
Leave me broke
Leave my life
It's a joke
Did nothing
Hurt no one
Sleep by moon
Work by sun

chorus ec

Then they came
Band of fools
Say gotta live
By the rules
Took me away
From my friends
Is this how
My life ends

chorus etc

Now I stare
At this roof
It an't fair
It aint the truth
Locked me here
Left me to rot
So tell me
What have I got ?


You know I shouldn't do it
I know you're just like her
You shouldn't dress like that
You haven't got a care
Can't tell your big sister
Can't tell her what we do
Can't tell her that I love
A litle sister like you

chorus and key change

Oh oh little sister
Can't keep my hands off you
Oh oh little sister
But what else can I do

I can still remember you
Your glasses and your brace
I wonder what happened to
The girl called funny face
Now you're sitting on my lap
Your clothes are all askew
How can I ever stop
With a little sister like you

chorus etc

Little sister, little sister
What 'm I gonna do with you
Little sister, litle sister
I think you and I are thru
'cos your big sister's got a gun
And I sort of value my life
And so it's your big sister
Who's gonna be my wife.


Friday night and you're here again
Wanting no body 'cept me
Can't you see that I've changed now
Can't you see I've broken free

chorus and key change

Can't you see there are rules
Can't you see you're a fool
Don't come round here anymore
Don't lay your troubles at my door

Another night and I've got a date
And I take her back to my place
Things are goin really great
And at the window I see your face

chorus etc

I'll tell you just one more time
So open up your ears
I'm getting along just fine
I don't need your crazy tears

chorus etc