Woody Hammerstein


Just relax
And slow down
I don't want
To run around
Just be calm
Don't you frown
So be happy
Chill on down

chorus and key change

Ain't nothin to get hot about
Ain't no one gonna die
Ain't nothin but a dream
So don't you start to cry

Just this once
Listen to me
Stop your struggles
You are free
You are free
'nd I need you
Nothin more
For you to do.

chorus etc

Just relax
Go nowhere
Open up
Start to share
Share with me
All I give
Me and you
Learn to live.


So I'm comin' out of Walmart
Pushing my old grocery cart
And its about 98 degrees
And so I stop to ponder
'Cos my trucks way over yonder
And an ice cold beer is sure to please

And so I just know what I need's
An ice cold beer inside of me
And so I stop and pop a can
Get refreshment while I can
When pullin up alongside of me
Is the fattest cop you'll ever see

Red and blue lights are flashing
And I can see he wants some action
Calls me Boy and he sort of grins
Gets some wobble action from his chins
And I just stop and stare at him
And then the asshole pulls his gun

Now I have fought for Uncle Sam
And held a rifle in foreign lands
And no fat assholes gonna tell me
What to do in the Land of the Free
So I took that piece off that bear
And shoved it where there aint no air
Then I ran away

I gave the can to a homeless man
And then took off through the lot
And when I got to the truck I looked back
Four other cop cars rolled up fast
And pulled the gun out of his ass
And me I sort of just slipped away
And lived to drink another day.


Finest girl I ever seen
Came to me like from a dream
Red lights changing now to green

Kind of girl you can't forget
She never played hard to get
I took from her all I could get

Just does it all so well
She would never kiss and tell
Rings me just like a bell

'Bout as fine as a girl can be
I loved what she did for me
She's sure not a fish in a tree

You should never be confused
We like it when we get used
It aint like we was bein' abused


I know you won't believe it
But I had to get away
Leave you here in Denver
Take the road to Santa Fe
In Santa Fe she's waiting
She's waited all this time
And I left that girl for you
That girl that should be mine

chorus and key change

And I've waited oh so many years
I've watched my life go by
And now I can't wait no more
I'm tired of livin' a lie

You cast your spell upon me
And I followed like a fool
'cos I thought you loved me
But I was just your tool
In Denver I was in prison
A prisoner of your schemes
In Santa Fe I'm a free man
I'm free to live my dreams

chorus ec

So while you lie there sleeping
I'll be gone five hundred miles
To a girl that I know loves me
And a love that makes me smile
I know you won't believe me
But I had to run from you
I learn so much in Denver
And I learnt I don't love you.


In the East and in the West
They think that they know whats best
They think that money cures all their troubles
But I know that it just aint so
And I'll tell you what I know
Moneys dreams just burst like bubbles

chorus and key change

And I
I know I love you
And I
I think about you
All the time
All the time

In the North and in the South
The word has got about
And hopes are built upon deceit
And dreams they crumble at your feet
Life always gets a little worse
When money gets a little scarce

chorus etc

Across the oceans and the seas
Hopes come to us to tease
But love never needed another dollar
So sit down and listen to me
Let my words set you free
When money leaves then love follows.


Action Man
Action Man
All you want
Is an Action Man
Bend me here
Bend me there
'Cos I think
You don't care

Action Man
Action Man
All you want
Is an Action Man
Can't you see
What's in me
Can't you see
Can't you see

Action Man
Action Man
All you want
Is an Action Man
You might want
Some guys' army
But I don't want
No girl like Barbie

Action Man
Action Man
All you want
Is an Action Man
I am not
A bendy toy
I'm a man
Not a boy

1000 GIRLS

There's a thousand girls in ths place
But I see only you
A thousand girls all want me
But all I want is you

A thousand girls call my name
But I just call yours
A thousand girls just want me
With me behind closed doors

A thousand girls stand and stare
When I work the P A
A thousand girls all want me
But I wish they'd go away

A thousand girls mean nothing to me
'Cos I love only you
A thousand girls dream of me at night
But I only dream of you
I only dream of you


How many times have I tried to go
Howm many times have I said goodbye
I have tried so hard you know
But I believe the same old lies
Like how I just love it here
And how love can ease the pain
But I'm stuck up here in New York
And I've got the blues again.

They say The South's like Mother Earth
She feeds her own born sons
But I know just what I'm worth
You can't kill the blues with guns
And now the night is drawing in
And I need to kill my pain
B'Cos I'm stuck up here in New York
And I've got the blues again.

I've had enough of New York
And the cold hard heart of the city
And all I got from those I met
Was disrespect and pity
So I'm goin back to Alabam
And I know I aint goin insane
'Cos I'm back here in Mobile
And I'm in the South again.


So it's one o'clock Monday morning
And I drive the streets alone
And the guy who's on the radio
Talks while I drive home
And someone calls the radio
Says he wants to leave this town
And I kinda get to thinking
I don't want to be around

chorus and key change

And the rain it keeps falling
On the cold hard ground
And all the things I ever loved
Can never now be found

And then I saw this girl
She was walking in the rain
Like she didn't know where she was
And her face was full of pain
I pulled up just beside her
She could see I was a friend
And she laid her head upon me
And cried like it would never end.

chorus etc

And that girl she came with me
And two good years we had
But one night she just slipped away
And things started to go bad
So when it rains in Nashville
I just drive the streets alone
Looking for the love I lost
And to fix my broken home.


I was standing on the sidewalk
The crowd had all gone home
The taxi wasn't coming
And I was all alone
And you just sort of looked at me
And I thought I heard you say
Why not come back home with me
My name is Rosie Mae

chorus and key change

The years have come between us
But your face is here to stay
I'll not forget the sweet night
I spent with Rosie Mae

We walked the streets of Nashville
Lights shining in the rain
I never said I loved you
Thought we'd meet again
And when the night was over
I crept off to my bus
I never gave a thought to you
I thought there was no us.

chorus etc

I didn't know you'd seen me
And followed in the rain
I didn't mean to hurt you
Didn't want to cause you pain
I still see your crying eyes
Watching me steal away
Though I didn't tell no lies
I knew I shoud've stayed

chorus etc

And now the years have come and gone
I've come back to your door
A stupid singing fool
Who could've done much more
Will you still remember
That long night in the rain
And will you let me hold you
I'll not run out again.

chorus etc