Sharni Barnes


I come from a planet far away
Across the cold dark skies
I need an earth man lover
I need to feel his thighs
Men at home are pretty crap
One minute and they're thru
So I just want a nice earth man
And baby I choose you.

chorus and key change

Earth men are easy
Earth men are fun
Earth men please show me
How this sex thing is done.

I watched you sleep alone last night
I sat upon your bed
Now I want the tables turned
And I'll sit on your head
I'll take you where you've never been
I'll take you to lands unknown
And all I want from you my dear
Is to be with you, not be alone.

chorus etc

And when we're done and you're asleep
I'll pat your sleeping head
And then I'll clone you my dear
I'll make a better you instead
And hand in hand thru the stars we'll go
Me and the other you
And then I'll just chuck you my dear
When I'm tired I'll let you go


If I love a local boy
He shouts it to his friends
Says that I am just his toy
So I'll want it all to end.

chorus and key change

But if I want a real deep thrill
If I want some danger
If I have some time to kill
It's then I'll love a stranger.

If I love an older man
Who lives in this town
He'll show me off where he can
Always wanting to be found

chorus etc

If I take a friend to bed
It seems they hang about
Can't they get it thru their head
That I just want them out

chorus etc

So I'll keep doing what I do
You know my life's my own
Why should it matter at all to you
If I take a stranger home.

chorus etc


Try to remember now
All those perfect nights
And the sunlight after the rain
But like here and now
Just doing whats right
Don't ever think of the pain.

chorus and key change

No more heartache
No more tears
These are the best times
The best times of our years

Try to remember now
The thrill of the dawn
Walking the deserted sands
Try to remember now
Just us on our own
When we woke up holding hands

chorus etc

Try to remember now
The feel of the sun
And how rainbows follow the rain
And right here and now
We would take our fun
'Cos tomorrow may bring pain.

chorus etc


Take a look at me
Do you like what you see ?
Are you in luck tonight?
Do you think its all alright ?
Would you like to take me there ?
Do you like the clothes I wear ?
I'm not going to take your toys
Follow me Hello Boys

chorus and key change

Hello boys
Hello boys
Look at me
I'm no toy
Hello boys
Hello boys
Look at me
And enjoy

Can you smell my perfume ?
When I walk into the room
Would you like to touch my thigh ?
Would you like to catch my eye ?
Cos I'll need some love tonight
Maybe you can make it alright
Let me show you some new joys
Follow me Hello Boys


Don't want to stay
In your school
I wanna play
I'm no fool
I want you
To come along
Yeah it's true
I'm not wrong
They messed us up
They let us down
So take a look
Around your town
I want the best
I want it now
I'm on the crest
I'll show them how

bridge and key change

My day has come
Come for me
My day is here
And I am free

They're too old
They lie and cheat
They've been told
Get off my street
This is my time
This is my town
And I feel fine
And I'm not down
There's no limit
There's no downside
Just watch me fly
I'll take that ride
My day has come
There's no retreat
So follow me
Become complete.

repeat bridge


Things get better all the time
Especially when I'm with you
When you are here the sun shines
You show me what love can do
And in the morning when we awake
I know my day will be fine
I see the loving in your eyes
You fill my life with sunshine.

bridge or chorus with key changes

Things get better when I'm with you
Get better all the time
Life gets better when I'm with you
And I know you're mine

Things get better when I'm with you
So be with me for all time
Let us see what love can do
And ev'rything will be fine
Let me watch you when you dress
Let me show you the morning
Let me see your nakedness
In the light of the dawning.