Tom Carter


The whole world's watching
Whilst you try to break us down
So take your tanks
Your city banks
Before we tear them down.

The whole world's watching
While you trample on the weak
But you just wait
It's not too late
We won't turn the other cheek.

The whole world's watching
While you rob our friends
But hold on tight
Soon comes the night
You'll see how your world ends.

The whole world's watching
They're watching you and me
Today you're strong
But not for long
Tomorrow belongs to me.


Ev'rything I am
I am because of you
Ev'rything I do
I do because of you
Because I love you
Oh, how I love you

Ev'ry breath I take
I take because of you
Ev'ry dream I dream
I dream about you
Because I love you
Oh, how I love you

Ev'ry step I take
I take to get to you
Ev'rything I make
I make just for you
Because I love you
Oh, how I love you


Over the top
Thru the hills
Thru the thicket
Of thrills and spills
Keep on going
Ain't it grand
When you reach
No man's land

Over coffee cups
On dance floors
Eye to eye
We all want more
On the beach
In the sand
We come across
No man's land

In the school
In empty halls
We all want
To take it all
Sometimes it
Gets outta hand
Then we cross
No man's land

You and me
Taking cover
You and me
Become lovers
So let me
Give you a hand
And we'll meet
In no man's land.


Want to play in the sunshine
Don't want to play with you
Want to have a good time
Want to do something new

chorus and key change

And it's all so easy
And It's all so fine
Don't wanna be uneasy
Just wanna have a real good time

Don't wanna live on an estate
Want to see those swaying palms
Don't wanna go thru fact'ry gates
Just wanna keep cool and calm

chorus etc

Want a girl like you with me
To dance on sunny sands
Watch the sunset thru palm trees
Away from this cold dark land

chorus etc


Big city
Dark night
Gotta run
Gotta fight
Get no rest
See no sky
'Cos I'm left
High and dry

chorus and key change

High high and dry
Broke and don't know why
I never catch your eye
And so you leave me high and dry

Got no work
Got no hope
Got no money
Got no dope
Need a chance
A chance to fly
But I'm here
High and dry

chorus etc

I need you
To pull me thru
No one else
Does it like you
Come with me
Let's learn to fly
Leave behind
The high and dry


And down this lonely road I go
No hope is left inside of me
I don't know where I want to go
I don't know what I want to be
I only see whats going wrong
I never see whats going right
I never see the golden sun
I walk the streets alone at night

chorus and key change

And I need your love
And I need your love
And I need your love

I don't know why you had to leave me
I don't know why you had to go
I only know the pain of heartbreak
I only want somewhere to go
I see the darkness that surrounds me
I need you near to bring me light
But I know you've gone forever
And only you can make things right

chorus etc X 2