Nancy Potter


And I've known so many people
And places that were dear to me
Some have gone now, gone forever
And those that stayed, I never see
And so many loves have passed me by
But I can speak to them in my dreams
I hear their voices calling to me
Though they stay behind their screens.

chorus and key change

And you my perfect lover
Just slipped away one day
You're lost in time and distance
And I never got to say.
I love you

When I look back thru the mem'ries
At friends and of lovers
Why is it always you I see
When there were many others
Like a tattoo in my mind
You're there and never go
In lonely nights I call your name
The name that no one else can know

chorus etc


You're the one that I dream of
You're the one that I adore
You're the one here beside me
No one needs you more
You're the one that believes in me
You're the one who makes things right
You're the one who has freed me
And you'll be here tonight.

chorus and key change

You're my friend and my lover
Never be another
Stay with me forever
Never let me go

You're the one who gives me courage
You're the one who's always there
You're the one who shows me heaven
And you are my friend
You're the one to stand beside me
You're the one who'll never go
You're the one that I live for
And I think you should know.

optional chorus etc


Respect is the thing
In short supply
When will we learn
How many must die
Brotherly love
Like sister to brother
Is stronger than
Most any other.

chorus and key change

Brothers and Sisters
Listen to me
This aint the way
We're gonna be
Brothers and Sisters
When you have gone
It'll be too late
To right the wrongs

When will we see
Whats going on
When will we learn
We've got it wrong
Love's the thing
Stronger than hate
Love your loves
Before its too late

chorus etc

We gotta learn
We gotta look
See the world
Not like a book
If I love you
And you love me
Then that's the way
That it should be
Thats the way
that it should be.


Too many times
I've been alone
Too many times
I've cried
Too many times
Far from home
Too any times
I've lied

chorus and key change

But you came and rescued me
Shelter from the storm
Gave to me what I need
Kept me safe from harm.

Too many times
The light went out
Too many times
I've tried
Too many times
Been locked out
Too many times
I've cried.

chorus etc

Too many times
I couldn't find
A vestige of my pride
Too many times
I had hopes
Too many times
They died
Too many times
When all was lost
I called out your name
Too many times
You brought me back
And too away the blame.

chorus ?


How many times have you left me crying
How many times have I got to cry
If it's gonna keep on keepin' on like this
I guess I might as well just die

chorus and key change

I need the rain to wash away my tears
I need the rain to never end
Since you left and took my love away
The cryin' never seems to end

How many times have you tried to hurt me
How many times have I cried
If I'd known you were to let me go
I'd have known our love had died.

chorus etc

How many times must I be brave
How many times can I pretend
I guess I always knew you'd leave me
And on that day my life would end.


I don't really want you
But I need you
Wanna get away from you
But I love you
And so it goes
And no one knows
Only you can set me free
Only you can set me free

I don't really love you
But I want you
I just spend my days
Dreamin' of you
And so it goes
And no one knows
Only you can set me free
Only you can set me free

I don't wanna stay here
But I'm so lazy
Seems like you always
Drive me crazy
And so it goes
And no one knows
Only you can set me free
Only you can set me free.


If you were just to go away
There would never be another day
And all the things I want to say
Would forever be unspoken
And all the hopes and dreams and schemes
Ans all the old familiar things
Would forevermore be broken
Don't go
Please don't go
Don't go away.

But if you didn't go away
If you stayed with me today
I would chase the clouds away
And we'd live in the sun
And we'd shout and we'd run
And wouldn't care for anyone
And we'd know a better day.
Don't go
Please don't go
Don't go away.

But you say that you'll go
And that I'll never know
Any future tomorrows
And that I'll be all alone
And the look on our face
Says that there's no mistake
And there'll be no happy home
Don't go
Please don't go
Don't go away.