Kate James


I will hold you softly
I will hold you here
Here in my arms
You must stay
Till the dawn
Don't go away
Dont go away

I will kiss you gently
I will kiss you now
Now we're alone
And you must stay
Stay till the dawn
Don't go away
Don't go away

I will love you always
I will love you till death
Death comes our way
And you must stay
Stay till the dawn
Don't go away
Don't go away.


Love's sword
You trust
You call
I thrust
Love's flame
Burns bright
Burns here
Burns tonight

chorus and key change

And all the time I'm lovin' you
Lookin' and learnin stuff that's new
And everyday our love grows
Where it'll go, no one knows

Love's gun
Shoots fast
You're hit
I'll last
Love's sweet
Rise up
They please

chorus etc

Love's tunnel
So warm
Keeps us
Safe from harm
Love's good
Love's cool
We aint
Been fooled


Misty mem'ries
Never fading
Sunlit days of years gone by
But live forever
In my dreams
Though hopes and dreams and friends may die
Sunlit days
Soon will be over
And winter's grip will hold us fast
But in my mind's eye
Always smiling
I'll hold these dreams until the last
Until the last.....

All my dreams
Like autumn mists
Fade into winters cold hard days
But always
In my memories
These happy thoughts wont go away
And the years
That came between us
Fade away like winter skies
And once again
I am with you
And see the world thru younger eyes


My friends all say
He'll go today
Unless I give myself away
To Him

They say I'm proud
Wont talk out loud
Won't tell the crowd
About Him

They tell me I'm too young
To do what they have done
That I will be no fun
For Him

What they don't know
Is what I can't show
And how far I'll go
For Him

He says to me
Relax and see
How to be free
With Him

But each days the same
I can't bear the pain
It burns like a flame
For Him


In the first cool light of dawning
I wake and still yawning
In the light thru the bedroom door
I see your clothes from the night before

chorus and key change

And all I want to do
Is stay here with you
And all I want to say
Is never go away oh oh.

In the early light I kiss your lips
Touch your hair with my finger tips
In the glow of the early sun
I see you are so very young

chorus etc

Stay with me thru all my life
Say one day I'll be your wife
Let the morning light ev'ry day
Light our lives this special way

chorus etc


Have you gone ?
Have you really just left me
I searched for years
And now you have gone
All my life
I've been searching for you
All my life
And of my hopes, I have none

All my nights
Alone and without you
All my days
Just drifting away
Where are you
Are you happy without me
All my life
Just slipping away.

I'll wake up without you
Touch the sheets
That smell of your hair
All of my days
Always thinking of you
Hear your voice
But you'll not be there.