Marie Soyer


Why did you have to go away
Couldn't you stay just one more day
I think of all I didn't say
I gave myself to you
And now I live my life alone
Without you I don't have a home
I didn't know till you were gone
I gave my life to you

chorus and key change

Don't do it, please don't do it
Don't break my heart this way
Oh please just don't you do it
Don't end it all this way

And all my love I gave to you
And all my life I gave to you
What was it that I didn't do
I gave it all to you
And now we live in diff'rent lands
And now I never touch your hands
I walk alone the empty sands
I gave my life to you.

chorus again ?


And all the nights I cried alone
My pillow was my only friend
You never knew how much I hurt
I hurt like it could never end
But I knew from the very start
That I was stronger than all of you
Made me cry but didn't break my heart
And now there's nothing you can do

chorus and key change

And now it's like it never was
And my dreams have all come true
And now you live your own nightmare
But then what else can you do.

I guess you think that life's unfair
And you deserve better than you got
And you've got nobody else to pick upon
Think of me 'cos I got the lot
And I look and see you crying
All your pathetic life away
And it makes me kind of happy
So to you this is all I say

chorus etc


You keep telling me you love me
But I can see it isn't true
You were once the guy I loved
But just now I can't love you
You see I watched your eyes
And I saw another there
And I know you tell me lies
You know I don't really care.

chorus and key change

Once we were just lovers
Spent our days in the sun
Now I see the storm clouds
And I know that love has gone

I kept asking you for truth
But you never seemed to care
I'm the one who loved you
But you act like I'm not there
All the days we loved each other
All the nights beneath the sky
And I never saw it coming
And never saw your lies.

chorus etc

So now I need a new love
A love that cares for me
How I yearn for a new love
A new love to set me free
And you can go your own way
And live your life alone
I wanted to be your lover
But now my love has gone

chorus etc


When I try, when I try, it's always never enough
When you try, when you try, it's always you who acts tough
When I go, when I go, it's always me in the wrong
When you go, when you go, it's always you who are strong.

When you're here, when you're here, you don't seem to try
When you go, when you go, it's always me who will cry
When I pray, when I pray, I ask for love ev'ry night
So I pray and I pray but it never goes right

And I hope, and I hope that I'll be the one
And you lie, and you lie, and then you are gone
And I hope, in my heart, that things will go right
But tonight, once again, I cry thru the night.

When you call, when you call,I'll be waiting for you
When you call, if you call,just see what I do
When you fall, if you fall,I will catch you
If you saw, who I am, you'd love me too

When you come, thru the door, I will be there
When you see, who I am, it will be clear
You're the one, that I need, beside me tonight
You're the one, that I love, make ev'rything right

optional chorus/bridge

And in time you'll love me too
And you will love me like I will love you
Be with me, by my side, at night
You and me, you will see, we'll be alright


Hey babe lets go out tonight
And drive to where the moon is bright
And find a place that's out of sight
And use that back seat thru the night

chorus and key change

And all you gotta do
Is come and drive with me
And all I say to you
Is to come and get free

Let's go up the mountainside
Find a place where we can hide
Take the Chevy and take a ride
I'll teach you how to slip 'n slide

There's a great big country just out there
And we can learn to give and to share
And I'll catch the moonlight in your hair
There's a great big world out there

chorus etc


Started so good but they wore me down
Made like I wore a thorny crown
Was so hard but I pulled thru
'Cos I knew what I was meant to do
Your sticks and stones they don't scare me
'Cos I know what I was meant to be...

chorus and key change

I was meant to be a winner
I was meant to be a star
I was meant to be a winner
And you know I'm going far

So I moved town and changed my friends
And they helped me to make amends
And I kept on learning how to live
And kept on learning how to give
And the more I gave the less I hurt
And I left my old life in the dirt...

chorus etc.

My friends helped me move up and on
And I didn't care where the old me'd gone
And I know tomorrow the sun'll shine
And I know tomorrow will go fine
There ain't no way to hold back me
I know who I am and I am me...

chorus etc


All I seem to do is dream
I dream and I dream
Life goes better in my dreams
They're so good
And when things are goin' wrong
I dream and I dream
But I still know that you've gone
And the only time I see you
Is in my dreams

In my dreams you're still here
I dream and I dream
And you never went away
It's so good
But I awake and you're gone
You're gone, you're just gone
All I want to do is dream
I live my life in dreams
In my dreams

And in my dreams I'm a star
A star, yes a star
And you will love me again
It's so good
And things never did go wrong
In my dreams, in my dreams
And one day you will see
See the real me
In my dreams.


Sunday mornings in the city
Walking hand in hand thru old byways
Sunrise slipping over sleeping rooftops
Shining on these our happy days

chorus and key change

The mornings that I spent with you
Are now so very long ago
But they don't fade like our dreams do
And I never knew you would go

We walked like happy smiling children
It was like we danced thru our days
We walked had in hand together
Learning more of love's little ways

chorus etc

So where have they gone those happy children
And where are they now those childhood dreams
They've gone from us like fading seasons
Just slipped away like old sunbeams.


Love me like a hurricane
Love me like a storm
When icy winds blow over me
Keep me safe and warm

Love me like an earthquake
Love me until the end
When all around just turn away
Just stay and be my friend

Hold me till the end of time
Hold me thru the night
When I cry into my pillow
Tell me it'll be alright

Keep me close to your heart
Keep me close to you
If you will love and hold me close
I will always be with you.


One day
Far away from here
The sun will shine
One day
There will be no tears
And you will be mine

chorus and key change

I once dreamt about a place
Where fears and tears were replaced
By care and kindness
A place where you and I could go
A place where our love would grow
And fears won't find us

One day
One special day
When we will fly
One day
And not too far away
There'll be no need to cry

chorus etc

One day
One very special day
The weights will fall clear
One day
I'll be with you one day
And we will know no fear

chorus etc

One day
I dream of that day
Walking in dreams with you
One day
It's not too far away
You'll know that I love you.


Going home
After years on my own
Going home
No more nights all alone
Going home
See the face of my love
Going home
Going home

chorus and key change

Coming home, to see my love
Coming home, we're like hand in glove
Coming home, never to go away
Coming home, can't wait another day
Coming home, to love I left behind
Coming home, to love that is so kind
Coming home,
I see thru all the tears
Coming home,
To the love that's lasted years
Coming home.

Coming home
After years of being away
Coming home
I can't wait another day
Coming home
To be with only you
Coming home
The best thing I can do
Comng home
Coming home

chorus etc