John Lewis


Hot nights,heading to the drive in in my Dad's old car
Your head, resting on my shoulder,frightened of goin' too far
I used to be so easy to fall in love, or thats how it seemed
Golden days and happy times, they live on in my dreams.

In dreams, it seemed those days would never end
My love, I never saw it coming, you turned into a friend
What happened to those days of sunshine, hopes and dreams
Whatever happened to our dreams, what happened to our dreams.

And now they seem so far away those summers in the sun
On winter nights I think of you and what we should have done
And once again I live those nights but it's all so far away
And you, you live on in my dreams but only in my dreams.


It's been six long months since you left me
And now she's walking towards me in the rain
I never thought I'd see her when I set out
And now I've got to try to hide the pain
I can see she too is shocked to see me
And neither of us knows just what to do
And so we smile and gently hug each other
But I think I say 'I'm still in love with you'

chorus and key change

And the world can change just in a heartbeat
And without love it can all go wrong
Since she left I've done a lot of thinking
It started to go wrong when she had gone.

I know I see her standing here before me
And I can't think of anything to say
And it looks like she can't think of nothing either
And so we stand but can't walk away
And I get to thinking does she miss me
But I aint brave enough to ask her to her face
And so we stand smiling and all akward
Wishing we were both in another place

chorus etc

But tonight I'll dream of her and her only
And tonight I'll curse my coward heart
Am I to spend my nights lost and lonely
Because she and I have gone and grown apart
I pray to God for the strength to tell her
That the best days of my life were by her side
And since she'd gone I pretend it's all normal
But deep inside I just wanna hide.


It's lonely out here on the plains
With a thousand cattle to drive
But I sure need this job
Just to keep my hopes alive
I've been two long months in the saddle
On my way to Wichita [ This is pronounced witchytaw ]
But ev'ry night I spend out here
I miss my girl some more.

chorus and key change

And I wanna go back to Texas
To the girl I left at home
And at nights I just lie awake
I just don't wanna be alone

At night around the campfire
I know I'm just a fool
Who never learned to read or write
When Nancy, she teaches school
But she says that she loves me
And she'll wait for my return
And when I think about her
My eyes just sort of burn

chorus etc

How many fences have I crossed
On my way to Witchita
My saddle starts to hurt me
And my face is burned raw
But I gotta keep on riding
Just so I can get my pay
And ride back home to Texas
And be a hero for a day

chorus etc


It all seems so long ago
When I first saw your face
A twinklin' eye, a little smile
And your collar trimmed with lace

chorus and key change

Then it was just you and me and the moonbeams
A harvest moon, you and a bucket full of dreams.

And we went to live in a trailer
And things got mighty rough
And you and me we had to learn
To take the bad times with the tough
But we never lost sight of love
Though we played out real sad scenes
A harvest moon, you and a bucket full of dreams

chorus etc

And now girl we showed 'em
We were better than them all
And our kids grown big and strong
And we never did take the fall
And we always saw that love
Was stronger than it seems
For us two little people
A harvest moon, you and a bucket full of dreams


Lookin' thru some stuff of yours
In your old tin trunk
I found a book I thought was mine
I opened it only to find inside
You'd kept our old letters from the past
And I read and I read
Remembered all the happy times
Happy times when dreams came true
And I thought and I thought
Of all the things you'd given me
But most of all you gave me love

I don't know what I was looking for
When I looked in that old trunk
Maybe there was something I thought I'd lost
Maybe I was looking for you

Of a life with you better than I hoped we'd have
Better than all that came again
'Cos with you my life
Was better than I ever dreamt of
And all ended in pain

All thru the nights
I just call your name
Always It's you
Always I feel the pain
Since you died
I can never settle
Since you left me
And so it goes
And so it goes
Going here
And going there
Going ev'rywhere without you
No one hears my prayer
And no one knows but you
But here
In my heart
You live on
You live on


Gotta leave this city far behind us
Gotta get out now while we can
Gotta see the open road before us
Gotta leave the city while we can

Gotta leave it all for the simple life
Gotta make the break now while we can
Wanna lead a life I can be proud of
Want you to come and take my hand

Bridge and key change

And you know I need you to come with me
And you know I need to hold your hand
And you know I'm looking for the simple life
And you know we're gonna travel this land

I don't know where we are heading
And I don't know just where to go
All I know is that when you are with me
I got just about all I need to know.

And I know you will be with me
And I know with you I'll be alright
And I know your love it frees me
And keeps me safe thru the darkest night.