Edward Rossi

RAIN AND TEARS [ with Katrina Wittgenstein ]

You take me where
I've never been
You show me things
I've never seen
I'll be with you
Thru all the years
I'll be with you
Thru rain and tears

chorus and key change

And rain and tears may flow
Like loves and lives can go
But our love will only grow
And I'll never let you go.

And there were times
When things went wrong
And I was weak
But you were strong
You stayed with me
All thru the years
You stayed with me
Thru rain and tears.

chorus etc

The cup of love
Can overflow
Hard to come
Quick to go
Just be with me
Thru all the years
Be with me
Thru rain and tears

chorus etc

And all my life
I live for you
And all my dreams
Are dreamt of you
I'll be with you
Thru all the years
I'll be with you thru
Rain and tears


Mayflies dancing on the river
Mark another passing year
Spring has come to find us
And you are still not here
Another year turns over
Its' leaves of shining green
But where are you my love
You're nowhere to be seen.

Swallows fly the summer skies
And blue shades out the grey
Signs of summer are all around
But you have gone away
All around I see the signs
Of Summer on the wing
But if you're not here beside me
What joy can Summer bring ?

Now frost is forming on the trees
The fall is coming fast
And all I do is think of you
And good times that have now past
The walks thru fields of ripened corn
The trains that took us home
I return to my empty room
And I spend my year alone.

Now Winter holds me in his grip
And I sit by a smouldering fire
And remember nights that used to be
Filled with love and our desire
Winter's grip is in my heart
And iceicles touch my spine
And slowly I come to realise
That you never will be mine.


The seasons come and go my love
But the pain it remains
I know that I have lost your love
And I can't take the pain


In my dreams
We'd go to sunshine islands
Upon the shore
We'd spend our nights
In the morning
Tired and yawning
You would ask for more.

In my dreams
We'd climb a mountain
And all alone
We would spend our time
In the nightime
Hot and yearning
We'd see that love had grown.

In my dreams
We'd sail the ocean
You and me
Beneath the mast
See the ocean
Stretch before us
Knowing this
It will always last.

In our dreams
We see tomorrow
Bright and golden
As any sun
See the love
Forever growing
Learn to love

ONE DAY [ The winner's song ]

One day
One special day
I will rise and I will fly
One day
Not so far away
You will see me touch the sky

My day
My special day
Is coming and I can see
One day
One great day
The world will take note of me.

That day
That day's coming
I see it in my dreams
My life
Is just beginning
And I will set the scenes

Keep on
I must keep on
And I'll reach, for the sky
I'll do it
I know I'll do it
And one day soon I'll fly


What if it's over
What if you're gone
What if I never
See you again.
What if I loved you
But couldn't see you
What if I never
Kissed you again.

Bridge and key change

And I just loved you
I wanted to be there
And I've always loved you
It hurts that you don't care

What if you never
Knew how I loved you
What if you left me
What would I do
If you just left me
What would I be
'Cos you're my future
Everything is you.

{ Repeat Bridge ?]


The tears of a fool I've shed for you
Thought that no one else would do
And now that you and me are thru
Can't do anything you wanna do
You kept on just being cool
And I cried the tears of a fool

chorus and key change

You always said
I was a fool
You always put me down
Now you're dead
Oh yeah, real cool
They put you in the ground

You told me I was born to cry
And you told me I was in disguise
Now you've gone and I won't cry
'Cos I'm not the one who went and died
I'm the one who does right well
And you're the one who went to hell

chorus etc

And now I'm free to live my time
I'm feeling good and looking fine
And all alone and without you
I got so many things to do
Life goes on or so they say
But not for you, you've gone away


I have to go
It never ends
I walk the road
With many bends
So come with me
And hand in hand
Walk with me
Throughout this land
We cannot see
Around the bend
But we both know
The road has no end

I walk the hard
And stony road
I'm carrying my heavy load
Thru lonely days
And empty nights
Hoping that things
Work out alright
So walk with me
And be my friend
Come walk the road that has no end

Be by my side
Along this road
No need to hide
We'll share the load
So walk with me
Into the night
Just walk with me
It'll be alright
So walk with me
Till time it ends
Walk with me
On the road with no end