Alix Romano


Every bridge
Every ocean
Every river
Every sea
Brings you close
Closer to me
Brings you closer
Here to me

Every railroad
Every airplane
Every lake
Every sea
Brings you close
Closer to me
Brings you closer
Here to me

Every nightime
Every full moon
Every storm
Every sea
Brings you close
Closer to me
Brings you closer
Here to me

Every smile
Every kiss
Every bird
Up in a tree
Brings you close
Closer to me
Brings you closer
Here to me

Every evening
Every morning
Days will pass
Just you see
You'll get close
Closer to me
You'll be closer
Closer to me.


Crowded streets and empty faces
Looking round the same old places
Of what we were there are no traces
Where did I go wrong.

We used to laugh about the future
Lived our lives without a care
We looked just like the perfect pair
Where did I go wrong

Your city job took you away
Never saw you in the day
You never seemed to want to stay
Where did I go wrong

What more can I say to you
There's nothing we can say or do
I know you've got somebody new
Where did I go wrong


spoken intro

Someday day when you've gone
It's cold and dark and nights are long
The lonely hours just stretch ahead
And you can't face your lonely bed
You'll think back to the happy days
And easy gentle sunny ways
And you'll know that I loved you
My Princess of the night.

chorus and key change

Oh how I loved you
Through the days and the nights
Oh how I loved you
My Princess of the Night

And now the coals fall from the fire
And the night turns dark and cold
I miss your arms your eyes your eyes
Our long was young but now is old

chorus etc.

And in the morning in the sun
I 'll just sit and wonder why
How a love once strong and young
Could just wither up and die

chorus etc

In the evening and in the rain
I ll sit and I will cry
How can I bear such pain
Without love I'll want to die


It is time that you came
Life for you is just a game
It is time for you to come
Come to me no time to run

I am tired of chasing you
You know I know what to do
Don't you run and don't you hide
Come to me I need a ride

Get those shoes off your feet
Come to me and feel the heat
There's no need to wear that skirt
Come to me don't be a flirt

I don't want you over there
Come to me let down your hair
I don't want no clothes on you
Come to me there's lots to do

I don't want you sitting down
Come and see what I've found
This thing over here's a bed
Come on over, rest your head

Now you're lying safe and sound
Come and see what I've found
There's no need for coat or hat
Come to me my pussy cat.


All alone
Far from home
In a world
Without fear
All alone
Take me home
I don't want
To be here

chorus and key change

All alone
Cast adrift
On the sea
All alone
Please come home
Please come home
Home to me

All alone
Once again
In my empty
Lonely bed
All alone
Far from home
Without you
It's like I'm dead

chorus etc

All alone
Far from home
In a lonely
Hotel bed
All alone
Won't you phone
Can't get you
Outta my head.


Open your eyes
Look and see
Just what life
is doing to me.
Look at my job
Day by day
More of life
Just slipping away.
See the world
I wanna go
Have some fun
Thats all I know.
Day by day
Draggin' away
All my life
Just slippin' away.
Give me hope
Give me fun
I'm standing still
And I need to run.


And I had a dream
It was so real
I looked for a dream
I could touch and feel
And you were with me
Like a garland of flowers
And you set me free
The sunshine was ours.

chorus and key change

But the days are dark
And winter is long
I dream of the day
When the dark clouds have gone

And you had a dream
You knew it was true
And in your dream
I was with you
And you were with me
Like the sun in our hearts
We couldn't see
We never could part

chorus etc

And we dreamt our dream
Every night
You'd still be here
By dawns early light
And you'd never leave
And I'd never go
As long as we breathe
I'll love you so.

chorus etc

Only a dream
Only a dream
Sometimes I wish
I lived in a dream
But I'm here alone
And you went away
Without you here
My dreams went astray.

optional chorus

AND I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU [ In conjunction with ]

In the cold light of morning
Tired and still yawning
I wake and rub the sleep out of my eyes
And I see you sleeping
And I start to weeping
I don't know why I tell you lies.

chorus and key change

And I don't want to leave you
No, I don't want to go
But I know you love another
And you that love him so
I know he came before me
Before you came into my life
One day I know I'll slip away
I'll slip away from my wife.

As the light streaks across you
I remember what I must do
I gotta talk and get it straight
And so I creep across the floor
Get right up to the bedroom door
Gotta tell you before its too late

chorus etc

But you hear me moving
You wake to the morning
And smile at me in your special way
What can I say to you
I know your love for me is through
And it's time for me to get away

chorus etc

I'll phone you sometime later
And tell you I can't stay
You love someone more than me
What more is there to say
What was has slipped away from us
And we both need to be free.