Fiona McEwen


When you still loved me
The days were fine and nights were long
When you still loved me
I thought that life was like a song
Now that you've left me
And the days are filled with fears
Now that you've left me
I see the world thru veils of tears

When you still loved me
I laughed and planned the days ahead
When you still loved me
My love still shared my happy bed
Now that you've left me
I face my life so all alone
Now that you've left me
I see my house is not my home

I'll be without you
My days hold nothing but pain
I'll be without you
And will I ever smile again
The sun will rise and
I'll look out upon my day
The sun may rise again
But will I ever smile again ?


Sisters and daughters
Cry their tears
Mothers and children
Hide their fears
Sisters and mothers
Wave goodbye
Children and mothers
Watch love die

bridge and key change

So here we are
Once again
So let us play
The old war game

Fathers and sons
Off to war
Sons and brothers
Ask what for
Brothers and sons
Don't want to cry
Sons and lovers
Don't want to die.

{repeat bridge ?}


People come
And people go
Where they get to
I don't know
People cry
And people pray
They all come
To the US of A

Send us your weak
Send us your poor
You just push
The open door
Very few
Break away
They all come back
To the US of A

And you girl
My lovely child
Come to me
Drive me wild
Come to me
Come today
Come on into
The US of A

We can drive
Shore to shore
Three thousand miles
Maybe more
Feel the sun
Feel the rays
In the heart
Of the US of A

When we're done
We'll settle down
Right here on
This sacred ground
Stay with me
Don't go away
Live and love
In the US of A


If you ever want me
Just call my name
And if you're hurt
I'll take your pain
If you're ever lost
I will guide you home
If you are homeless
I will be your home

chorus and key change

Call my name when you're lonely
Call my name when you're down
Call my name when you need me
And I'll be around
Call my name

If you're ever sad
I'll dry your tears
if it ever gets bad
I'll calm your fears
If ever you fail
Come hold my hand
And together we'll find
Our promised land.

chorus etc

If you're ever lonely
I'll be your friend
If ever you only
Feel it won't end
I'll be beside you
Even though I'm not there
My love inside you
And I'll always care

THE PASSION OF DREAMS { With Carrie Couture and Ayesh Pezashki }

I know my life don't look much fun
I know I seem sad to you
But you don't see me when day is done
And you don't know what I do
Night after night I work my way
Through lovers and through scenes
That don't ever go away
In the passion of my dreams.

chorus and key change

The passion of my dreams
The passion of my dreams
I don't need a life
I just need my dreams

You think I'm foolish because I dream
And I live my dreams alone
But I'm not quite as I seem
I'm a queen upon her throne
I live in love for half my life
In scene after vivid scene
I always know what is mine
In the passion of my dreams

chorus etc

And all the time I live in dreams
I know just what goes on
I dream I see I love I laugh
And watch when it all goes wrong
So you my friend you live your life
And I'll watch you as you cry
You live your life I'll live my dreams
'Cos I know my dreams wont lie


Why did you leave me all alone
Why did you have to go
Why didn't you ever phone
Why didn't you let me know
You know I'll always love you
You shouldn't ever doubt me
If you'd said that we were through
I would have set you free

I never meant to do it
I never planned to go
I just slipped on into it
And I want you to know
I knew you'd always love me
And I never doubted you
I never wanted to be set free
It was just somethin' I had to do

I can't understand your leaving
When you knew 't would break my soul
I guess I'll never understand
Why you threw away it all
And now you're standing at my door
And you want me to forgive
Well I just ain't got no more
And I've got my life to live

But I never did stop lovin' you
And I never lost my heat
To another friend or lover
I don't want to live apart
Take me back into your life
Or my heart it won't survive
Without your love around me
I just wouldn't be alive.

If you say you'll love me
And I say I'll love you
Can we start all over
You know I love you
All I want is someone
To hold me thru the night
If you will be that someone
Everything will be alright.


A gentle breeze strokes your hair
And soon it will be your hand
A moment only you and I can share
Here upon the golden sand
There's no one to see us now
We've found our promised land

chorus and key change

And so we walk along the shore
And watch the sunset side by side
Beside a special sun kissed sea
There's no need for us to hide.

chorus etc

We'll make a life together soon
Without the worries of today
What I say is coming true
And it's not too far away.
There's nothing keeping us apart
Tomorrow is our special day.

chorus etc

A little house upon a hill
Not too small and not too big
We will have it yes we will
We have so much to give
Our world of loving starts tonight
And our love begins to live.

chorus etc


Lie to me softly
When you lie with your eyes
Tell me you love me
Tell me your lies

Lie to me gently
Lie with your smile
Tell me you love me
Once in a while

Lie to me slowly
Just take your time
Tell me you love me
Just one more time

Lie to me tonight
Then never again
Tell me you love me
Take away my pain

Lie with me tonight
Just one last time
Tell me you love me
And it'll be fine
It'll be fine